Random reunion

One of my oldest friends recently had business in Abu Dhabi, and like the legend he is he hired a car and came to Dubai to take me out for dinner.  It really was a lovely thing to do because he is busy and working and has recently had a family tragedy.  Seeing him was so special and nicely nostalgic.

See said friend lives in NYC so I haven’t seen  him in far too long and time always seemed to work around us. The day he announced his engagement party…twenty minutes after I booked a trip abroad for example.  The fact that he was in the UK for two months recently…but I had already moved to DXB.  The list goes on of how many near misses there have been.  Despite that we have maintained a good friendship through email and text and when we saw each other it was like no time had passed.

We talked about all and sundry and just had a nice time reminsicing and telling each other about what life is like for us now.  It was so great to see how excited he is for me and how happy he is that this move has been positive for me.  It was also good to hear all his news, the bad and the good.  Here is hoping his wedding does happen soon!

Oh and fantastically he still knows how to give a great compliment and ensure you get the first taxi – once a gentleman always a gentleman.  I can’t wait for him to meet my partner, that will be a fun night for sure!

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