Zheng He’s – Mina A Salam

My reunion dinner took place at Zheng He’s.  Turns out my friend ‘Art Guru’ knows Dubai better than me and so was able to recommend somewhere new for me to try out.  Unfortunately he got his JBR’s muddled and instead of having dinner near Jumeirah Beach Residence where I live, we were nearer Jumeirah Beach Resort, the very beautiful hotel. Still it’s not that far and it was fun to discover somewhere new.

We started off with a drink in a bar just above Zheng He’s (I can’t recall the name unfortunately).  Both of us had work the next day so decided to have mocktails.  I had a Kiwi Cooler and ‘Art Guru’ had an Amber Rose.  Mine was delicious and he said his was good too, I definitely recommend having one while looking out over the water at the Burj Al Arab, it felt very decadent for a booze free drink.

Then we went down for our dinner reservation, we were able to have a lovely table outside right on the water with a great view.  I enjoyed watching the little boats going back and forth.  The whole ambience is very relaxing.

The food however lets the place down.  Overly tough beef strips, tasteless dimsum and skimpy duck ecountrements leading to skimpy pancakes left us thoroughly underwhelmed.

10/10 for atmosphere, 10/10 for company and at best 5/10 for food.  In short, go for a cocktail but maybe find another restaurant at Mina A’Salam to enjoy.

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