Amazing anniversary

AnniversaryThis weekend marked two years being with the perfect man for me.  I hesitate to say that he’s the ‘best’ ever because it always annoys me when people say that, life is not a competition after all.  However for me he is the perfect person, he said in his card ‘thank you for getting me’ and it was lovely because that’s what I think he does for me.  He just sort of goes ‘Oh yes, that’s just how L is’ and gets on with it – the good, the bad and in the morning the downright ugly to be honest! Seriously though what is my hair doing in the night that it looks like that?

The two of us headed to the Hatta Fort Hotel to celebrate our two years together in style.  We ate good food, had yummy wine and the best tiramisu I have had in quite some time.  In real indulgence we ate real pork sausages for breakfast!

hatta fort

We had been there before so on this occasion decided to make the most of the spa they offer. Wow that was a great decision, i haven’t had a full body massage in a while and it was amazing.  I had no idea my back was so knotted but the lady did a great job releasing all my tension.  P was pleased too, he said that his calves felt amazing afterwards.

Hatta 2 Hatta

The next day we headed off to see Hatta Pools, these are beautiful clear water pools carved out by nature.  We set off in Sammy Subaru with our map, this quickly transpired to be about as much use as a chocolate teapot.  We couldn’t find the route they suggested at all!  We drove what felt like quite a while into beautiful scenery without seeing a single sign.  Honestly I stopped caring about the pools and just enjoyed the view – it was breath taking.  Eventually we decided to give it up as a lost cause and turned back.  While driving back I spotted a metal box with Hatta Pool scratched into it.  We headed towards where the sign pointed and after a short walk found ourselves at the pools.  They really are beautiful but I was sad to see that people had littered.  Had I had a rubbish bag i would have tried to clean up a bit. I strongly believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to do the best they can to look after our earth. It may not be much but every little bit counts!

The drive back to Dubai was relaxing – there was no traffic and the border guards were lovely.  P was very pleased that his new Arabic skills came in handy!  We stopped off at the supermarket and picked up some vitals and some supper and headed home.

We both sat on the sofa and declared it the perfect anniversary!

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