Blindingly Beautiful Baccarat

Apologies…I love to alliterate and for this title I couldn’t resist!

enchanted table

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Chalhoub Group celebration for Baccarat. It was their 250th anniversary and my word did we celebrate in some style.

The party was held in a Heritage building (the Juthoor arts centre) overlooking Dubai creek.  It really was amazing and special to be able to be at an event at a Heritage building as they tend to be rare.  They had beamed the logo on to the building and it looked beautiful.  We walked in on a red carpet and we were greeted with hot towels to freshen up before we had our cocktails.  There were four different mocktails (out of respect for the local guests the event was dry) all of which were delicious.  The food was wonderful, amazingly varied and with decent sizes so we felt that we had really eaten by the end of the event.  You really can’t beat Arabic hospitality.

The decorations were stunning, everywhere you looked there was another piece of Baccarat to ooh and aah over.  They had recreated the special ‘Enchanted’ table (pictured above) designed for the anniversary and I fell in love with it.  Each place setting had it’s own Baccarat butterfly and a wonderful Harcourt candlestick. I decided that one day I will have to have these lovely things.  My grandmother had a Baccarat butterfly broach that she loved and I think my mother inherited and I told my mother that the candlestick is a must have!  At least I can vicariously enjoy it!

butterfly Harcourt


The chandeliers really caught my eye too, especially the one that was suspended from a tripod device, I have tried and failed to describe this many times so I include a picture for you!

umbrella chandelier

It’s just so clever – Philippe Starck is a genius.

The music was even perfect with a live band, the flautist and violinist were especially note worthy as they walked around serenading us all.

We had a fantastic night and were very impressed!  Now to start creating my Baccarat wishlist!


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