The power of ‘Thank you’

The last few days have provided me with a few moments where I needed to be grateful.  I was always told that a nice note means a lot to the person receiving it and takes little effort on the part of the sender.  That said my handwriting can be atrocious so I have to concentrate a lot to write a letter anyone could read!

Last week one of my bosses agreed to sell me a truly beautiful one of a kind Lanvin handbag for a heavily reduced price – this will cut into his margins and was a display of kindness and generosity I had done nothing to deserve.  I literally said ‘nice bag’ and the next moment I was allowed to buy it.  Naturally I wrote a little note to say thank you and how grateful I was.  Imagine my surprise that my boss took the time to get my mobile number and phoned me in his free time to say how lovely I was and how much he had appreciated the note.  He then proceeded to tell everyone that I have beautiful manners and am a ‘class act’.  Who knew that a simple note would have such an impact.

The next evening some colleagues said that I HAD to attend the Baccarat 250 year party they were throwing.  It was a fabulous evening and I was especially touched that my boss who was throwing the party and was thus very busy specially came over to meet P and to thank me for attending the party.  The girl who had organised the whole event even made an effort to say hi and to ensure we were having a good time.  Obviously the next day they were each getting a note.  Seems that where I work EVERYONE loves a letter, I had visits to my desk from both of them to say that they appreciated my note and how glad they had been to meet P and that we had made the effort to attend.

The post it note my colleague left me showed me that two small words can mean the world if you take the time to really make them count.

pos it

Let this be a lesson to me to always write the vital thank you note…who knows whose day I could make!


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