Hybrid taxi??

Dubai is RIFE with cars, and the motto seems to be when you enter Al Futtaim Motors or any of their competitors ‘The Bigger the Better’.  We are no better than anyone else in this respect, work provided P with a HUGE Subaru Tribeca and are disinclined to downsize it.  I can call it Sammy Subaru all I like but that monster damages the environment, and I have NO idea how I can offset the probably huge carbon footprint of the beast.

If anyone has any ideas on things that make a real difference I would be so grateful!!

In the UAE these gas guzzlers are also cheap to run because petrol costs peanuts here.  We can fill the tank for 15 quid and it lasts us a pretty decent amount of time.  Everyone has them and a lot of that is because the driving is pretty ‘interesting’ to say the least, so you do feel safer in a 4×4.

I don’t drive (as I don’t have a licence due to my total fear of driving – a few lessons proved that was actually rational as I am a terror on the roads!) and out here when P is unavailable to chauffeur me and the metro isn’t an option I take taxis.  In the UAE these are dirt cheap, I can cross the whole Emirate for less than 20 pounds and honestly anything over a fiver seems expensive!  So imagine my DELIGHT to discover Hybrid Taxis, I jumped in to one today and then did some research.  Seems that soon there will be more and more of them across the UAE and the cost is the same as a normal taxi.

Now all I need to do is keep my eyes peeled and take them wherever possible – wish me luck on my quest please!?  From what Gulf News are saying it’s only a matter of time before my quest gets easier and easier!

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