Health Kick

In London I was definitely not a gym bunny or a health nut at all – my friends would despair of me to be honest, urging me to ditch gluten and sugar and to drink herbal tea and I would laugh and say ‘pfft agave what now?’ and grab the granulated white stuff while enjoying a bread roll. However in London I was walking five miles a day, eating healthy and small lunches of sushi or a sandwich max so I could get away with my indulgent ways (sort of…) here in Dubai walking isn’t so easy and my company provide AMAZING lunches of delicious middle eastern food that I love.


That is the question!?

So after putting on a few pounds I had to accept that I needed to adjust my lifestyle thus Dubai has seen MANY changes for me, it started small but it’s pacing up a lot.

First of all I accepted that walking out here isn’t that enjoyable as it’s too HOT, believe me I REALLY tried but it was miserable.  P proposed a revolutionary idea that I could walk on a treadmill (he is so smart sometimes) and so I went to the gym a few times during the summer or to the pool in the evenings.  My friends nearly died of shock – I loathe the gym and lycra but needs must.  Still it never quite took and I realised that if I wasn’t going to commit to working out then things needed to change…plus people judge you if you don’t run on a treadmill I find!

Next green Total sweettea replaced normal breakfast tea.  Transpires I actually really enjoy it and have even picked up some Jasmine flavoured green tea which I love.  Even at weekends now I don’t really drink normal tea any more and if I do I use a sugar substitute that i picked up at Holland and Barrett.  Total Sweet is meant to be better than Agave and is cheaper and lasts longer and vitally for work is easy to store and mess free.

I have cut soft drinks out of my diet – where I used to have diet coke regularly as it was provided free in my old job I now have it very rarely.  Even my new lovely boss no longer offers it to me on his ‘coke run’ as he knows I just say no. I also upped my water consumption, previously two litres a day was something comical to me. Now I drink nearly two by lunch time, by the end of the day I have drunk usually 3-4 litres.

Fruit is now something I eat daily – a banana or apple for breakfast at least.  Now I admit that I am not doing so great at hitting the five a day but it’s a big improvement for me.  Turns out that I actually like bananas…sorry mother for the battles on that one!  Still have no love for tomatoes, sneaky seeded so and sos.  I am even eating huge salads each day with balsamic vinegar which is probably the only healthy dressing option provided in the canteen.

I have started to take vitamins for my hair, skin and nails that I found in Boots which along with Holland and Barrett are the two health stores I trust – though the licorice they sell is problematic as I can’t leave without it!!


All in all I am a whole new person and it’s reaping rewards – I lost a few Dubai pounds I gained and I feel healthier and more energised.   Not to worry too much, I am still human and there is a tin of mini oreos on my desk which I really should investigate!

multi pic

On and side note…yes I still take awful pictures…


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