Today my boss told me I looked like I had gotten some colour on my face.  It’s kind of an office joke that I am vampire pale and seem incapable of tanning so this comment was a pretty big deal to be honest!

The question then became…do I tell him it’s fake or simply smile and say ‘Oh thanks’ while keeping the truth to myself?  Now I am one for honesty, but really discussing beauty secrets with your boss is a bit weird…so i simply smiled and thought ‘that was money well spent!’

However I will share my secret with you – it’s fake, and the tanned legs are fake and the slightly tanned arms and chest those are all fake too.  I was NEVER the fake tan girl in the UK choosing to hold on to the delusion that pale is interesting.  Out here though it’s different, being as pale as me simply makes me look tired and ill to be quite frank and I just had enough of it.

The siren call of Sephora was too strong to resist and so off I trotted, it all started innocently enough with this:

I couldn't find this anywhere online but they are selling it in stores in the Middle East at least!

I couldn’t find this anywhere online but they are selling it in stores in the Middle East at least!

But then I decided that wasn’t enough so I upgraded to this:

tanning lotion

However I couldn’t stop there and got this too:

face water

Then in the evenings when I really want my tan to pop I spray on this:

Who knew it was such a slippery slope!  I have to say though that these products are fantastic, they are easy to use and do what they say on the packaging.  They even smell lovely which I have heard is a problem for fake tan.  I definitely think that they are all worth investigating and investing in if you want  a natural look that’s easy to apply.

I do seem to be going brown rather than orange and it’s been a few applications and no one seems to think I look dramatically different only healthier and glowing – so what’s not to like?!

This weekend I will go and try for the real deal at the beach, but I don’t hold out much hope…perhaps I am part vampire after all?!

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