National Day

Yesterday was the 43rd birthday of the UAE!  The festivities started a few days ago and everyone was very excited!  Even I felt very patriotic and I have only lived here a few months.  There just felt like there was something special in the air.

During the day on Monday I headed to Sharjah to check on a charitable initiative the company are involved in, while in the petrol station a lovely Emirati gave me a special union badge so I got into the spirit early on! P was rather jealous of my cool new accessory.


In the evening we joined some friends at the Jumeirah Beach hotel for dinner and lots of Prosecco.  We had a terrific view of The Burj which was celebrating it’s birthday too and had the UAE flag lit up on the side, it was very cool.  Then last night we went with a friend from London who was visiting to have dinner in JBR and watch the fireworks.  Seriously these were the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen, we were all totally blown away.  I had no idea that fireworks could even be that beautiful and unique.  It was a spectacular show and I felt very proud of my new nation.  It was lovely to see all the locals and expats celebrating together and wearing flags around their shoulders.


flag nails

Who knows next year I may even rock these nails!

All in all it was a really special day and I can’t wait for next year!

Happy Birthday UAE!


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