Secret Santa Silliness

We decided to kick Christmas off a bit early as our lovely intern is leaving today (thankfully she rejoins the company in January but in a different department!) Anyway our boss decided we would go for a flashy lunch – I am very excited as I haven’t been to Le Classique before and it sounds lovely.

Our department is all women (we joke that we are the harem!) and it seems the girls take secret Santa VERY seriously indeed.  Every day we gave our selected person a small token gift and today we will hand over the BIG gift – it had to cost about 50AED and i went a tiny bit over budget but I couldn’t resist what I got.  Now I just have to hope it’s a hit when I hand it over.

We all clubbed together and got cufflinks for our lovely boss from S.T.Dupont so I hope he likes them as I chose them (with help from P and my lovely colleague – thank heavens for whatsapp!)


We all just had a team breakfast together and debated who we thought gave us our presents which was a lot of fun.  I feel very festive even though I have a slight cold and it’s still a while till Christmas!  It’s wonderful how celebrating here makes you realise you have proper friends who care about you.  To have achieved that in only a few months feels special.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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