Charity begins at home

A few weeks ago the lovely lady who organises the charitable endeavours at my company approached me and said as one Brit to another that my colleagues and I have a poor track record of attending charitable initiatives.  Well I was shocked – for one I am new so haven’t had much of a chance to attend and secondly my colleagues are lovely! I couldn’t believe none of them attended these things.  However I asked around and it was true – due to travel commitments they often missed out on things or couldn’t commit as there schedule is unpredictable at times.

Now I really like to try to do something charitable around Christmas time, and it sounded great to be able to do something for my new home.  I really feel that as the UAE has been good to me, I live here tax free after all and get to live in a land with very low crime amazing facilities and a clean metro that costs 70p a ride; it was time to give back.  So I spoke to the charitable team and said that if they could propose an idea I would get them the people they needed!

Anyway the two of us put our heads together and came up with an event on a Saturday with plenty of notice that only required a few people and that people could commit to on that week.  Naturally I felt I should really be there having roped in the others so off we went.

The plan was to help Friends of Cancer Patients clear out a warehouse they had of marketing collateral and donations so that they would know what they had and make proper use of it.  Well the warehouse was a sight to behold and we did wonder briefly if we stood any chance at all of getting it done.  However once a plan was put into action things all came together and sure enough in three hours we had the place pretty much under control!

Despite dust, a few of us being ill, one pregnant lady and two of our fashionistas needing to dash off to a Fashion Show they were arranging we did a great job and left in great spirits.  Amazingly as well everyone is keen to go back and finish the job!

I was very proud of my team and was really glad we were all able to get involved and do something worthwhile!


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