Dubai Marine Resort

This weekend we went to the Dubai Marine Resort for dinner at the Thai bistro with friends.  The place is quite old school Dubai and makes you think about what it was like before all the bling descended!  It’s a really lovely venue with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly helpful staff.  We were typically early and so decided to indulge in a pre dinner beverage, P had a Thai beer which he claimed was delicious and I had a great bloody Mary.  When our friends arrived we got started on red wine – whatever bottle it was it was delicious but my girlfriend and I left the boys to choose while we talked about her Fendi bag which was FAR more important of course!

We decided there were far too many delicious things on the menu and so got a selection of things to share.  I got crab spring rolls, P got chicken satay and our friends got papaya salad and beef salad.  All the appetisers were delicious.  Then for our main course I got beef in oyster sauce, P got pad Thai and the other two had two mad spicy things that were delicious but nearly blew my mouth out as I am not great with spice!

I would definitely recommend an evening there if you want a really lovely catch up with friends!  You can hear what each other is saying and the whole vibe is conducive to a really good conversation.  I am looking forward to going back.

marine resort


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