Mall Madness

I have had a bad cold all weekend, packing up a warehouse definitely did not help matters but it was worth it!  However on my return P announced that he had to go to MOE and that he really wanted me to come with him so he could buy me dinner as a congratulations for my charitable endeavours…oh and there were a few things he wanted to use my discount to buy!

Anyway as he had been lovely looking after me I decided to go with him.  We really had fun picking up the things he needed and doing some missions as well!

I got three pairs of lovely trousers from C wonder which I love – it’s getting seriously boring having to wear skirts every day because I hate all the trousers I own.  Now i have three pairs that fit well and that I can wear with flats or heels and look stylish.  This is my new favourite store for sure! I even managed to find some vital Christmas presents.

c wonder

I have the ‘Bee Happy’ jumper…maybe the shoes should be my next purchase?


We have also been invited to a Christmas Jumper party so decided that we really ought to get something appropriate to wear.  Thanks to H and M we can both participate without sweltering or looking like total nits!

h and m

You know it’s Christmas appropriate attire when Tony Bennett endorses it


Then there was a VITAL shoe purchase at Kurt Geiger  – well it was a sale…


Dinner at Tribe was wonderful as ever and we were served by a terrific waiter called Gilbert.  He was so good I even filled in a comment card with a glowing review, something I usually try to avoid!

Carrefour was probably the only downside to the trip but I did need tissues and a few other basics so it was worth braving the hoardes!  Though they were playing Christmas Carols which I thought I had managed to evade so far…

All in all it was a fun outing that almost made me forget my cold!


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