Paintball madness!

It is the season for Christmas parties and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the paintball event a bunch of my colleagues organised!

Having spent the day eating LOTS of cake at another Christmas party – those fashionistas must have a secret as to how they look so good when they bake that well – I didn’t exactly feel ‘match fit’ but i put my best foot forward!  The teams were sorted out and suddenly we realised things were going to be challenging as our team definitely had the weaker combatants…

While we got all dressed up everyone got very competitive and threats were issued…a really good friend turned to me and said ‘I feel sorry for you – for now you are my enemy’.  Suffice to say everyone was in the spirit of the thing and ready to shoot at will. Despite all the odds our team won three of the five games.  Unfortunately I took a shot to the thigh which was excruciatingly painful – i have a very unsightly bruise which is going to make bikini season a challenge to say the least.  However it was great fun and well worth a small injury.

I definitely recommend a game…if you think you’re hard enough!!



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