P’s final weekend…

Before he headed to the fridge which otherwise known as London!!  We decided to try to make the most of our last weekend together before we meet again in Germany on the 23rd.

Thursday I was off paintballing, then on Friday we had a nice lazy day at the beach and had dinner at home while watching films.  First we watched Locke which is truly a terrible film with absolutely no conclusion.  It feels as though they suddenly went ‘oh that’s a two hour film – we should end it’ and turned off the cameras.  It was a shame as P loves Tom Hardy and all the reviews said it was fantastic.  Certainly his performance is great and it’s incredibly impressive that it’s basically a one man film…however it lacks a plot which rather leaves the whole thing lacking.  Please see the trailer though and make your own mind up!  We followed Locke up with the much more lighthearted Bad Neighbours  – it’s totally mindless but fun with an all star cast.  Honestly if you want a good casual film that you will both enjoy then I definitely recommend it!  Here is the trailer to give you a taste of it.

After our film binge on Friday we had a clearly well-deserved lie in on Saturday before we went to the beach for a few hours.  It was lovely to enjoy some sunshine and relax before we both leave Dubai for colder climes!  I did almost drown in the sea while almost losing my bikini bottoms but somehow disaster was averted and we managed to laugh about it (once I had returned to dry land!)

In the evening we met with a couple we are very close too out here, they both left for London this weekend so we wanted to have one last get together with them.  They suggested we met at Dubai Marine Resort which was a new spot to us.  Please read my review to get a full flavour of it!  We had a really lovely evening all together and are now looking forward to potentially spending NYE together!

This is my final week of work and things are quite quiet as most people are wrapping up before they leave for the holidays!  I fly out on Friday which is meant to be a busy day at the airport as the expat exodus begins in earnest – wish me luck!!

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