Back to Blighty

On the 19th December I headed back to London.  It felt like going on holiday and not at all like going home.  We rented our London home out when my parents moved to Germany and I began my Dubai adventure.  We now have a lovely family friend living there who kindly let me stay while he was in Sri Lanka for Christmas, this was very convenient but he has made the flat feel like his and I felt very much like a guest which was odd.

Anyway I got upgraded and enjoyed Virgin Upper Class which was lovely, there is a lot to be said for a flat bed that’s for sure.  I could have done without Horrid Henry the brat two seats away.  He was so misbehaved that the lady opposite me turned to his mother and said (picture the Dowager countess from Downton Abbey here please!!) ‘If your child can’t behave in upper class then he simply doesn’t belong here, please see to it that he improves his behaviour’.  I thought the parents were going to die on the spot, if voices could kill!!  A few glasses of champagne later everyone was in a good mood though and I managed to sleep too.

upper class

On arrival at Heathrow my best friend called to say there had been a flash mob in the arrivals lounge that I just missed.  She reckoned it was just to welcome me though!  It was so lovely to see her and to have a catch up, she was on good form and it was as though no time had passed at all.  She dropped me at home and we agreed she would come back at seven for a supper at mine and then head to the comedy club.  She had got me tickets for my Christmas present, we used to go all the time and so she thought it would be nostalgic.

The show was at 23.00 so after a long flight I was a bit tired but I was up for it.  We jumped in a cab and headed off to the venue.  Once at the bar some oddity decided to hit on us and I was not amused at all.  Coming from Dubai where touching my boyfriend in public is frowned upon to suddenly have a total stranger drape his arm over me was unnerving and annoying.  Thankfully A told him to get stuffed!  The show was average at best and the crowd were clearly VERY drunk which was a shame.  Still we had a good(ish) time before deciding to call it a night.  We had a sleepover at my place and it was so lovely just to spend time together!

The next day I had brunch with two of my guy friends, they were on top form and it was great to have banter with them after a few months apart.  Having put the worlds to rights M very sweetly drove me to the airport to save me a bajillion pounds in taxi fare!  Seriously I have been so spoiled by Dubai where cabs are so cheap!

I was so excited to get to Berlin, the flight went super quick while I watched Top Gear on my kindle.  The chap next to me was delighted and watched with me!  My parents were waiting at the airport to meet me and after a frustratingly long time my luggage came out and it was time to take on Berlin!

top gear

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