It’s on Fitbit Flex

This years New Years Resolution was to move more.  I really wanted to become a ‘gym bunny’ when we moved here, we have a free gym after all; this hasn’t really happened.  With last years resolution being ‘know yourself and tailor life to meet it without seeing everything as a failure’ I decided I needed to be a realist about my desire to ‘move more’.  There was no point saying I was going to go to the gym every day when I know I won’t.

Since moving to Dubai I have definitely changed how much I moved and have gained weight as a result.  Plus all the yummy snacks my colleagues bring in isn’t helping – how does one say no to Mana’eesh?  Seriously any hints would be great as I find it totally irresistible!!

I mean look at it!! How can I say no??

I mean look at it!! How can I say no??

Where I used to walk at least 3 miles a day In London to get to work and back and then to meet friends etc I now take taxis or get driven everywhere!  I realised that I really had no idea how much I was moving about but it clearly wasn’t enough.

P suggested I decided to tap into my competitive side and bought a Fitbit flex. He is a genius – week one I have been averaging 11,000 steps a day even if this means going out of my way.  The daily recommended steps are 10,000, suffice to say previously I wasn’t doing close to that at all!!  On ‘fitbit’ day one I walked to the metro and back, and did my usual walks around the office to meetings etc and realised I was 4000 steps under! No wonder I was gaining weight.  Most days I wasn’t even doing the metro twice a day!!  Now the fitbit is forcing me to think twice and make better choices – so I take stairs where before I wouldn’t have bothered, I deliver documents myself instead of asking the office boys to do it and I try to go and see people where I would have called before.  Plus I never skip taking the metro as that walk constitutes my biggest step count and active minutes.  Even this morning with the deep fog over Dubai I got up and walked to the metro rather than taking a taxi.

Now I am getting fit and saving cab fares!  Hopefully I will keep it up!  I really enjoy the competitive aspect – you can challenge people to see who hits their target first and you can also see how much you do in a week vs other people.  If I hit 70,000 steps a week that will be excellent but I am hoping to do 80,000 which is totally plausible at the moment!  The active minutes function is also really interesting, they say you should do 30 minutes a day but I am aiming for 60 and so far have never done less than 45.  My view is that moving is great but to really see results you need to be moving actively and not just meandering about!

For anyone who simply wants to move more and monitor what they are doing I thoroughly recommend it.  There are a wide variety of options available from Fitbit as well so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs!  I am not sure how great it is on a treadmill etc though…that may be the next challenge!

Wish me luck please!

fitbit flex


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