Sofitel so good!

Thursday night we met a friend of ours for drinks and dinner, having not seen each other before Christmas break it was lovely to catch up and hear each others news.  Though in the end it ended up being far more political debate than idle chat – interesting all round for sure!

Anyway we decided that we definitely wanted a beverage and so headed onto the walk and decided to try the Sofitel Hotel JBR, it’s just a short stroll and really is lovely.  Our friend said that it’s totally different to the one in Downtown Dubai.  I am always pleased when a chain hotel manages to be unique depending on your location.

The Infiniti bar we went to overlooks a fantastic infinity pool with a great view over the walk.  We all agreed a pool day should in our future plans.  I was quite tempted to try it out there and then it looked so appealing!

sofitel pool lounge

The food was really excellent, we all went for the steak frites which was cooked to perfection and was delivered in a timely manner once we had finished our cocktails  The raspberry cosmo I had was delicious but dangerously large!  After one I switched to Vodka Tonic else I may really have jumped into the pool…

Having had a really lovely time at the Sofitel we decided to move on when they closed so that we could have a nightcap.

Naturally we ended up at the Bice Sky Bar at the Hilton, it’s one of mine and P’s favourites as it has a great view and is very glamorously decorated but has a nice relaxed vibe.  They often have excellent live music too though not on this occasion.


All in all it was a great night, a good catch up with a friend and a new haunt to hang out at right on our doorstep!


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