Wow that weekend went by too fast!

After our fantastic evening with our friend we decided that Friday would be a beach day. We had a relatively chilled morning, well I did…P went for a long run!  Then we headed down to the beach and lazed about for a bit.  I took a walk and enjoyed the fresh air and the view.  Plus I always get pleasure seeing people enjoy themselves and the kids on the beach were so happy it was adorable!  Soon though we had to accept that it was a bit chilly and so we decided to get a bite to eat…

P decided that he HAD to have pancakes or waffles so we headed to the Cheesecake Factory, however on seeing the queue he decided that maybe somewhere else would do but he did want to try somewhere new.  This meant we had to pass up on Eggspectation and so we ended up at Le Pain Quotidien where of course after all that he had eggs!!

However his quest for pancakes did mean we ended up somewhere new and it really was a fantastic experience from start to finish – the staff were charming and helpful and the food was DELICIOUS!  I had a great eggs benedict and P had some sort of scrambled eggs with peppers that he said was too good to let me try so you’ll have to take his word for it.

I would definitely recommend it if you want a nice simple meal that is actually organic!! Not something I have found easy to come across out here.

If you really LOVE eggs though then definitely check out Eggspectation on the walk, it is excellent.  They have a huge variety and great quirky takes on your well known breakfast specials…next on my list is Lobster eggs benedict!!


The rest of the weekend was spent at the mall doing some VITAL shopping of course before dinner at The counter. This is another excellent find which I thoroughly recommend.  They do great healthy chicken and veggie burgers as well as excellent beef.  There is a wide variety of toppings you can have as well as salads that you can ‘build’.  It’s been a great addition as I love their chicken so find it easy to pass up red meat in a bid to be healthier.  Even the dips are yummy and the location is perfect for a pre-cinema meal.


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