Fabulous Fitbit

So a week ago I got my new fitbit flex and so far I am loving it!  At the end of week one I was really hoping to hit 80,000 so that I would have exceeded my weekly goal by 10,000 steps!  Well I am happy to report that i managed it – I got 84, 938 steps which made my daily average 12,134.  If i can keep this up I feel certain I will see real changes soon.

It’s been a great way of forcing myself to take the longer route home and to hit the stairs as and where I can.  I have been very lucky that P has joined me on two walks to get the steps up and was willing to babysit my stuff so I could go and do some serious walking along the beach.

I have participated and won some competitions which has been very motivating and I also got a marathon badge.

Seriously I couldn’t recommend the fitbit more and I really loathe exercise.  It’s even made me wonder how much I could rack up on a treadmill…

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