Dubai manages another terrific weekend!

The weekend just gone really was terrific, a great mix of seeing friends and relaxing!

On Thursday night a friend of mine and her husband invited P and I over for dinner with another friend.  They have a beautiful apartment near the World Trade Centre and I will most definitely be taking the lovely N up on her offer to do some shopping for interior design stuff!!  The flat was so stylish and immaculate, I don’t think I could ever keep a place as clean as she does…but I could give it a try I suppose.  We ended up staying there till 3am and had so much fun chatting about everything and nothing and ate delicious thai curry – turns out her husband is a whizz in the kitchen!

Friday morning we woke up a little bit worse for wear…I haven’t been out till 3am in a while!  We met up with my lovely friend the next day and went for a delicious lunch at La Postreria before a stroll on the beach, the weather was beautiful and we even slightly caught the sun!!  All of a sudden it was 4pm and time for a salon stop off.  Mani/pedi/hair cut for me and a mani/facial for my friend.  We both left significantly more beautiful and relaxed and for a ridiculously reasonable price! Seriously ladies head to Mehr Mah ASAP!

In the evening me, my new hair and P decided to stay in and watch Imitation Game which I thoroughly recommend!

Saturday saw a quick trip to Ibn Battuta for all important marathon supplies (don’t worry not for me!) and lunch at Carluccio’s, really delicious risotto and an indulgent slice of cake later led to a trip to H and M.  There may have been some sale shopping, well who doesn’t need leather shorts, trousers and jumpers in Dubai??  It’s winter for heavens sake!

I hope you all had fun filled weekends with good friends too!

running pic

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