WooHoo it’s back!!

This is a real ‘Dubai First world problem’ but here goes – the salon I go to closed for renovations in September!  It finally re-opened a couple of weeks ago and I just went this weekend, honestly I knew I may have turned into a ‘Jumeirah Jane’ when I realised just how happy I was to be heading to Mehr Mah to get groomed…

Anyway I am a little loathed to share this with you as I don’t want to struggle to get an appointment – so see this as a genuinely selfless act.  This salon is fantastic, the prices are reasonable, the salon itself is clean and since the refurbishment really very smart and the girls who do my nails speak really good English and remember what we spoke about last time and make conversation.  The girl who does my hair is fantastic and actually listens to what I want to look like and doesn’t try to flog me expensive product.  Also she wins total hero points for teaching me how to curl my hair with GHD’s.  It was no mean feat as I was totally hopeless but she was very patient and I now can do it.  P said it looks pretty great, genuine praise if ever I heard it.

Now for me it’s really conveniently located but even if it’s not brilliantly located for you I still say you should make the trip!

I went with my mother during her visit and we both had a great time thanks to the lovely ladies and the great atmosphere.  My mother suffers from a condition that effects her nail beds and stops them growing properly, the manicurist simply asked what was the best way to do to her nails and listened and did a great job.  It’s the first time my mother hasn’t felt odd getting her nails done, for that I am forever grateful!

nail varnish

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