Make Up For Ever and ever ever??

My wonderful and ridiculously generous friend works for Make Up For Ever and when we last had dinner she bought me a box full of goodies…I am such a lucky girl!  Now I decided that this stuff is so great you all need to know about it (then you can tell your friends what items you would like…well it’s worth a try!)

My photo skills are definitely not improving!

My photo skills are definitely not improving!

So I have a set for lips and a set for eyes – and we are talking the whole whammy for both.  Eye liners, eye shadows and eye make up remover even, these are some seriously pampered baby blues to be honest!  Lipsticks and lipglosses for my lips – well we wouldn’t want them to be jealous of the eyes now would we?

Now let me begin item by item to really let you know what’s what…

Let’s do the eyes first. I love eye make-up and tend to wear it every day, so I was thrilled to receive new shadows and liners.  The eye shadow palette has every colour you can need to create great day and evening looks and comes with brushes.  Plus the box is really pretty! The shadows go on well and last all day and have a lovely sheen to them. I am a tiny bit obsessed with the dark blue, it’s gorgeous and matches my eyes nicely!! The chunky eye liners in the two different shades of brown are stunning, they compliment each other really well.  What is also great about them is you can use them as a shadow or a liner so can create great definition on your eyes with shading etc.  Now I need to invest in the sharpener from MUFE as I may have used them to their limits…I am also super keen to get other colours as I love multi functional make up.  The eye make up remover is also excellent, it effectively removes make up without you having to over rub the sensitive eye area.  A real winner for me!

midnight glow

Now on to the lips, the two lipsticks are lovely colours – one is more day time and one is more evening so I am set for whatever I am up to! That packaging is sleek and stylish and not too bulky so they don’t take up excess space in your make-up bag.  In fact that is true of all the MUFE packaging, they have really thought about the travelling angle of their product and have kept things chic but simple.  The lip palette is great and I enjoy mixing the colours to create my own unique colour.  Plus these last really well! The winning product for lips though has to be the aqua rouge lipgloss, it’s a double sided product – one end colour and one end gloss.  Once you paint your lips with this you’re good for the day!  It doesn’t come off and it stays looking good all day!  I didn’t believe my friend when she gave it to me, she said she had put her lipgloss on that morning and not touched it all day and it looked immaculate at 7pm, but it’s true! This lippie works harder than any other – for a lazy girl like me it’s perfect!

lip palette

Seriously go to a MUFE counter and speak to their make up artists, you won’t be disappointed!

shadows and liners


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