Old friends and New friends

Last night I went to a fantastic art show put on by a great friend of mine.  He works in New York and last night he took over a space here in Dubai and showed great works by Indian artists, some of whom are local.  It was fascinating to meet artists who work here in Dubai and who create amazing art based on our surroundings.  One day I hope to have a painting by Saif Farah who spends years creating stunning pieces.  He explained the method behind how he creates depth and light in his pieces and it was fascinating to learn about it all.

Having gone to the show mainly to catch up with an old friend and support his venture I was really surprised by just how much I enjoyed myself.   Even more surprising was that we walked away having made new friends!  The art world in Dubai is thriving and full of lovely interesting people who are engaging and keen to meet new people.

Soon I am going to go to a glass blowing studio and watch the artists there make things, I think it will be fascinating and I can’t wait to do something so original and cultured in Dubai.

It was really great to meet new people and to do something cultural!  Now i am looking forward to seeing our new friends again and learning more about the art world in Dubai.

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