Never ending brunch…


This weekend some friends (old and new) gathered to go for brunch at Casa de Tapas.  The idea was to catch up with people and to introduce some new comers to everyone too. Plus for me there were a few friends of P’s I hadn’t met yet who were coming.  It was fun to get everyone together and to meet new people.  They were a fun crowd and the venue is nice, the view really makes it.  The food was pretty good, they had an excellent pork station so that made all the guys happy!  Plus I am always pleased to see decent Salami.  The sangria kept flowing as did the cava so spirits were high and everyone was in a good mood!


Once the food was finished (four hours later) and I was certain I had eaten enough mousse we decided to head upstairs to Cielo sky lounge.  I really like it there, the view is stunning and you can enjoy sunset over the skyline.  The guys decided to get a bottle of vodka and make a night of it…famous last words!!  At 8 a friend called and said she was coming to join us.  Suffice to say more vodka and chatting took place and it was very late before we headed home.  There was obviously a stop off in MacDonalds to ensure we woke up feeling human!


Naturally in spite of the MacDonalds we woke up feeling anything BUT human, we were both tired and so ended up having a sofa day.  Although P did actually drag himself for a run…he’s not normal surely!?

As much fun as it was I don’t see these brunches becoming a regular part of my lifestyle.  They kill the whole weekend, cost a lot of money and honestly you don’t even have good conversation after a certain point as everyone is drinking so heavily.  Once in a blue moon I think it will be enjoyable but it’s not on the to do list for a good long while!


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