Miraculous Mother

Yesterday was Mother’s day in the UK.  My mother now lives in Germany and I am in Dubai so I sent a gift via my dad, a card via the internet (emirates post is a joke!) and arranged a skype date.  My mother was greatly amused that dad recieved a parcel labelled ‘Green Go Go mascara’ to his office and said that was almost a gift in itself! Fortunately the earrings weren’t marked else eyebrows would have been raised!

Anyway we made the best of long distance and she loved her presents and my dad took her to see the imitation game and we had a nice chat and all in all we decided it wasn’t too bad being far apart.  Though of course it would have been more fun to be together and when I see her in June for her birthday that will be lovely!

Then I went on facebook as you do and realised that on some level I totally failed at mother’s day…no one sent me the memo that said that this year Mother’s day was going to be like the Valentine’s of family! I get that everyone has terrific mother’s (though seriously guys none of them have a patch on mine) but really do we need to tell the world?  Don’t we all assume people’s parents are lovely and are happy for our friends?  I think that all this gushing is a bit weird and it doesn’t really do it for me.  Also let’s not forget that really this felt like an opportunity to show how generous the kids were.  I am not sure but it all felt very odd to me and I don’t recall ever seeing it before.  I am all for saying someone’s amazing…but I know it meant more to my mum to hear it directly from me and to see the effort I made privately without requiring fanfare!



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