Rain really?!


One major factor to moving to Dubai was the weather.  After a lifetime of London I felt like I had endured enough rain to last a lifetime!  When P said he had got a job out here and that he would only go if I would join him I leaped at the chance.  I am not very adventurous but the appeal of sunshine and a change was too much and I knew he would look after me and make sure everything would be alright.  I was right and we are very happy.  Weekends are spent at the beach or by the pool and even when it got roasting during the summer I didn’t mind because looking at the sunshine from the air conditioned comfort of fabulous restaurants or sitting on our balcony with a lot of iced water made me happy!  I am now even a tiny bit tanned, having been called ‘vampire’ on my arrival this has been no mean feat.

Now try to imagine my chagrin last night when it rained, quite heavily, on me while I was going about my evening buying supper?! Now it has rained once since I have been here and amazingly the streets flooded and my local friends were SO happy, however that happened at night and didn’t affect me in any way. Thus I hadn’t been rained on since I moved here (except once, but that was in London so can’t really be counted against Dubai!)  Up until last month I had an 8 month ‘dry spell’ and it was magical.  I don’t even own a raincoat here for heaven’s sake or an umbrella!

Yesterday I went to Leopold’s and picked up quiche and salad (if you haven’t been please go, it’s wonderful food!) Having got my yummy food I headed out and gasped as big raindrops hit my head! The gentleman in the restaurant said ‘isn’t it exciting!’ and I simply agreed because believe me when I say the Emirati population truly do find this thrilling, and they will not hear otherwise even from a jaded londoner who has been rained on countless times!

The rain doesn’t really bother me, once every few months is nothing and the fact that it’s newsworthy makes me laugh.  That said, let’s not have it to often eh Dubai, it would lose all it’s wonder after all!


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