Funny the things you miss!

There’s not much I miss about the U.K except my friends and family beyond online shopping (Dubai needs to step up in this area!) and a really good cup of tea at my desk. Apparently no one can make tea as well as we do!

That said there is one big thing I do really miss…British humour, you’d be amazed by how often I have made a sarcastic joke to be met by blank expressions or worse found I have caused offense.  It’s amazing how quickly a joke stops being funny when you have to explain it! Also once the moment has passed a joke can just die on it’s feet.  My French colleagues are lovely but they do not get sarcasm at all and their comic timing is totally off.  I am sure they are hilarious in French but in English not quite so much.  The Indians do seem to get it, I guess years of British rule have left a mark.  That said they tend to be far too nice to be sarcastic, but at least they laugh when I am!

My biggest surprise on the humour front has been my colleagues from the Philippines, these guys do GREAT sarcasm with disarming charm.  For a nation who seem to be made of smiles (seriously the loveliest people I have ever met!) they can laugh at me with the best of them.  Now when I need a good laugh I don’t automatically have to head to find my fellow Brits but can instead find a smiling Philippina and be guaranteed a laugh and an ego boost.

However this made me laugh today and gave me a wry smile about my home city so I thought i would share.  Enjoy the laugh!

tube signOn that note I am off to see my friends for a giggle, hey it’s the weekend practically!

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