Helping heroes

At the weekend P and I attended an amazing charity event at the British Embassy.  It really was beautiful.  The trees were all decorated with fairy lights, McLaren had provided some amazing cars which I just gawped at.  I love fast cars even though I don’t drive! The food was delicious and plentiful and the champagne flowed all night.  We met some really fun and interesting people and just really had a blast.

The reason for the party was beyond admirable, the Embassy wanted to open their doors to raise money for a charity doing all it can to rehabilitate wounded soldiers.  These veterans may be emotionally or physically hurt and Help for Heroes does whatever it can to help.  That may be by getting them physical therapy or counselling, it might involve sending their kids on holiday or giving them a modified bike.  Whatever it takes to make these people whole and happy again the charity aims to do.

I knew a bit about the charity as it has been doing amazing work in the UK for a while now.  I even know a wounded veteran who was helped by them and participated in one of their bike rides to Belgium.  However having heard amazing speeches that evening by Bryn Parry and General Dannatt who founded the charity and keep it going now I was beyond impressed.  It is amazing that four people sat in a room and managed to make this happen, they have raised over 62 million pounds since the foundation of Help for Heroes and have made sure that every penny is spent on great causes and helping our veterans.

Their website says this about how they started:

Help for Heroes (H4H) was founded by Bryn and Emma Parry who were moved to ‘do their bit’ after a visit to Selly Oak Hospital in 2007. The first task, suggested by General Sir Richard Dannatt (then Chief of the General Staff) was to fund a swimming pool at Headley Court (the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre near Epsom in Surrey).  Because of legal restrictions it wasn’t possible to channel the money raised through existing Service charities for a capital building project so a new charity had to be established. Help for Heroes was launched on 1 October 2007. 

During the night people bid on amazing items, most were fabulous holidays away and the sums spent were huge.  I believe they raised 300,000 pounds in one night.  Apparently over the course of four years the Dubai expat community has raised over a million.  I was happy and proud to be pariticipating and supporting the cause.  I am already looking forward to next year.

If you wish to support they sell great merchandise, for a small sum you could change someone’s life and let’s face it that’s priceless!

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