My new aspiration…

rolls royce logo

One day I want a Rolls Royce! Now previously if you had asked I would have said an Aston Martin or Maserati. However last night changed EVERYTHING.

In JBR there was a fantastic exhibition about Rolls Royce cars and how they are made.  I had NO idea the detail that went into each car.  No two cars are the same, and you can literally make the thing entirely bespoke.  You can go so far as choosing an original colour and naming it after yourself, then you can have in laid woodwork with a picture of ANYTHING, they had the Dubai skyline as an example and it was gorgeous.  The young man who was there showing us his work was amazing.  At 22 he is a real craftsman who is learning from the best in the business.

rolls royce ceilingThey showed us the ceilings that you can have made  with LED lights depicting the stars.  You can choose any night sky you wish and have them lay it out for you, for instance the night sky of the night you were born or any other special occasion.  They are beautiful and I love stars so it appealed to me.  It may seem gauche but in reality it is so pretty.

There are picnic baskets the like of which I have never seen with crystal decanters and a gorgeous chopping board and silver cutlery.  It makes you want to picnic all the time, which for me is a big deal as I loathe eating on grass!

The real winner for me though was the umbrella it comes with.  It stows away in the front door of the car so that you or your chauffeur (that’s kind of the implication to be honest!) can get to the umbrella easily and not feel a drop of rain.  Well that blow dry needs constant maintenance! You can tell that this is a British car as soon as you see the amount of engineering that went into this umbrella! It is practically a work of art and you can of course have it in the colour to match the rest of the car!  It would almost be worth moving back to London to get to use it!

umbrella door

The exhibition was so well done, all the details were explained simply but stylishly and you really felt the love the people have for their brand.  The gentleman we met was so passionate about it all, it was really joyous to hear and see him talk about how these cars get made.  It was also fun, they had a game where you could design your own Rolls and then race it!  I was RUBBISH and trashed that poor lovely car but I had a great time anyway! Just before we left though we played with the interactive Spirit of Ecstasy wall. The Spirit of Ecstasy is the hood ornament that Rolls Royce is iconic for, and when you stood in front of the wall and moved your arms the wall came alive with stars!! It looked like you were throwing stars out from your hands!  I loved it!  To be honest I would want that wall in the car too and I don’t doubt they could do it!

If the exhibition comes to where you live definitely check it out, it really is beautiful and leaves you in awe of what two men from very different works of life did when they brought their combined genius together and made their passion come to life.

Strive for perfection in everything you do.  Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.

Sir Henry Royce


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