PF Chang’s Reunion

Last night my lovely friend S arrived from London and we agreed to meet for dinner at Mall of the Emirates.  I was thrilled when he decided we should go to PF Chang’s because I have wanted to go for ages but P doesn’t especially like Chinese food.  As he was unable to join us due to work commitments (poor diligent P!) we decided to take the chance to indulge in some main stream Americanised Chinese food and really catch up!

It was so lovely to see S and hear all his news, he just finished an intense masters and is now looking for work.  Sadly he has already lived in Dubai and doesn’t wish to do it again so he won’t be joining me on my adventure!  He also has a nice girlfriend but she’s in NYC and a NYLON relationship is really hard work, both emotionally and for the bank accounts.  I hope that whatever happens he ends up happy with the situation.  We have known each other for years and he’s always been a kind and good natured person who goes into everything with the best of intentions.  I hope to see more of him while he is over here.

Anyway after we had spoken for AGES we decided that we should get some food. S had the lemon chicken and I had the Mongolian beef.  Each comes with a decent portion of rice, he had brown and I had white.  We both thoroughly enjoyed both dishes which were decent in size but didn’t leave us feeling uncomfortably full.  This was lucky as we had both been debating cheesecake and we still had room to split one!  It was absolutely delicious and we were glad that we decided to stay at PF Chang’s instead of going to the Cheesecake factory which I also love.

I would recommend PF Chang’s if you fancy a bite to eat while you’re at the Mall as the food is really good.  The decor however is VERY dark and we both thought it was far later than it was.  Also as we were both quite tired we found we were yawning as it was so dark you could almost have a nap!  Definitely not a lunch spot…



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