Beach book

Heaven scent

A while ago my company did a book sale to raise money for charity.  As I was new to Dubai I was really excited to have an opportunity to buy some books to fill my new Crate and Barrel shelves.  In my excitement I may have picked up a couple of trashier reads to take to the beach with me.  Anyway these have been languishing on said shelves but last weekend I decided to give one a try.  I didn’t want to take my gorgeous new ‘Gulf Wife‘  hardcover to the beach and my kindle was dead so I grabbed Heaven Scent and headed off for some sun.

This book quickly became a guilty pleasure, it really was such an enjoyable light read. I read it in the bath and on the metro and just about any time I could. I began to care about the characters and I wanted to find out what happened to them all.  The premise behind the book is that a wealthy heir to a French perfume house married an unknown English woman right before he died.  Naturally the family are concerned as to who this woman is and whether she will lay claim to their business.  They invite her to Provence to see what she is about, and make it very clear they are deeply suspiscious.

It really was a joy to learn about this large and very close if somewhat dysfunctional family and the many tragedies they have struggled through.  It’s not an exaggeration to say they seem like a family cursed, the amount of early deaths that have befallen them!

The arrival of this widow changes everything…but I will leave you to see if it’s for the best or not!

It definitely was a great book to read while soaking in the sun, even though I was in Dubai I could easily picture lavender fields and Parisian streets.  I recommend it if you want to lose yourself in something very trivial but good natured.

I will have to check out more books by Sasha Wagstaff once I finish ‘Gulf Wife’ by Jocelyn Henderson which I am thoroughly enjoying so far.

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