Totally terrible take out

Afraid that maybe we were getting stuck in our ways on where we order food we decided to try a new place.  The menu looked promising and so we called and ordered from Z Pizza.  Well I have NEVER ever seen a more disappointing and limp pizza.  Honestly it looked like cardboard and tasted about as good.  The chicken wings were acceptable, but the sauce they were drowned in was far too spicy. The parmesan garlic bread was actually tasty but incredibly dry.  So much so I was almost impressed that they had managed to create something so chewy.

When you google them this comes up ‘Hungry? Honor your appetite with food from our delicious artisan menu made from better-for-you ingredients. Satisfying healthy appetites & healthy lifestyles!’  and let me tell you it’s hogwash.  My appetite was offended and I have never seen anything less artisanal.

So disappointing was this ‘meal’ that we ended up skipping it and went back to our old faithful NKD.  They promptly delivered better food, but sadly P found a hair in his salad. It was the final insult!

Thankfully saladicious came to the rescue and delivered us yummy Nutella tart which saved the night!

Avoid Zpizza at all costs…you have been warned!saladicious

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