Love is…radar graphs?

I have always liked the ‘Love is…’ cartoons, if you haven’t seen them before do click on the link as they are really charming.  I have also included a couple below to add context!

love is

love is cake  love is pyjamas

Anyway I think of them sometimes when strange things I do cause P to say he loves me.  They sprung to mind yesterday when I helped P with a project and he was so pleased with what I did he took me for dinner and bought me a gorgeous dress from my favourite store C wonder.  It was really lovely of him to treat me and to make me feel appreciated for what really wasn’t hard work!

The story behind the cartoons is really cute too, Kim Casali started drawing the cartoons for her husband Roberto.  She would hide the notes in places he wouldn’t expect to find them, pockets or under his pillow or in his suitcase when they were going to be apart. She eventually got a job working as a cartoonist for the Los Angeles Post and had a very succesful career.  Sadly she passed away in 1997 and now her son has taken over the cartoons.

I am gutted I missed out on buying a personalised cartoon for Valentine’s Day at Selfridge’s in the pop up shop they had.  Maybe next year!  I am very pleased they have created an app and now I can get a cute cartoon every day.  I hope they make you smile too.

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