Oh yay new jammies!

On Monday P and I headed to MOE for dinner and some shopping, I decided a few days ago that I hated all my Pajama’s except for the snazzy pair from my parents.  Luckily for me Calvin Klein had a sale and I bought two pairs of lovely pj trousers for less than the pair of one usually!  I was really pleased as usually I never treat myself to them as they are so expensive.  Then I went to Tezenis which is really very affordable and does lovely chic lounge wear and pajamas.  I did well there and found some nice tops to go with the trousers and also some t-shirts to wear at weekends.

Yesterday I broke out my new pajamas and wowee are they so comfy!  Sure the bottoms are about 10 inches too long (such is the curse of my shortness) but they keep my little tootsies warm when I tuck my feet up.  The tops are super soft and have nice details.  I really like the lace backed one the most and I am already kicking myself for not getting the other colour…perhaps there will be another trip there soon…

There is a lot to be said for lovely jammies, they make an evening in even nicer than usual!  I do so love lounge wear…it’s my guilty pleasure!  If you share my love of such things then head to Tezenis and prepare to lounge in style and comfort without a horrifying price tag!

tezeniscalvin klein


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