Joyous Jetty

Last night was the leaving drinks of a lovely colleague of mine, I am very sorry she has left but she’s off to be a mum and I know she’s going to be amazing at that!  Also we have promised to keep in touch so I hope that we do.  She’s really lovely and a fellow Brit so it’s been great to meet her and become friends.  Also as she grew up in Dubai she’s a fount of knowledge.

A group of us met up at the Jetty Lounge at the One and Only Royal Mirage, I have never been before and had heard really good things.  It is a lovely venue and the weather was perfect!  Hard to believe as we are now assaulted by a sandstorm! We sat outside overlooking the water next to a fire of all things.  It was really beautiful if a tad warm.  Sure it’s Dubai winter, but fires aren’t quite required…still it was fun to see!

jetty lounge

I was quickly served a delicious Mai Tai and we had some lovely platters of food. Everyone got on like a house on fire and I met some nice new people.  It’s really amazing how lovely everyone at my company is.  I am so lucky to work with such delightful and fun people!

After some more chat I had a Cosmopolitan which was as good if not better than the Mai Tai.  At about 10.30 we all remembered we had work the next day and so we headed home.  It was so much fun and I am already looking forward to the next get together!

one and onlyTonight I will be at home getting my flat ready for the arrival of my best friend!!  I can’t wait to see her and show her around and of course persuade her to move to Dubai.  I am really quite frustrated by the horrid sandstorm and hopefully it will pass before she arrives!  Please keep your fingers crossed for us!


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