Cirque le soir

So on Thursday I had my first BIG Dubai night out!  Having heard how great the clubs are here I was pretty excited.  Plus D was kidding me that i’d finally be able to look cool to our 21 year old intern L…We had H and H round to our apartment first and we plied them with lots of booze!  H bought us a lovely candlestick from Marina Home – definitely one of the smartest interior stores in Dubai, so we felt very spoiled!I would love to show you a picture of said item, but i forgot to take one and it is a nightmare to get images off websites here as most people don’t shop online!


Anyway having drunk our fill and eaten Ketchup chips (don’t judge till you try, they are DELISH!) we headed off to the club.  Unlike London, you don’t queue for even a second and you don’t pay – but they do turn people away for ‘looking wrong’…they deploy the beloved ‘face policy’ here.  Luckily we met approval and when we walked in there was a woman dancing in a cage next to a ball pit which we later played in!  Then when you went downstairs there was action EVERYWHERE, the place is full of performers, really it is mind blowing.  The drinks were yummy and potent – just the way we like them!  The DJ played some really good music and we danced a lot whilst people watching – as ever in Dubai the people watching is great!  Then there was the big show of the night with ladies playing with angle grinders, sparks were flying everywhere!  The drummer was epic and the whole thing was quite mind boggling.  D took video of it, just as well as I wouldn’t believe it really happened otherwise!


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