Lovely Leopold’s

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I really recommend Leopold’s of London the food is amazing as apparently are the coffees.  I am not really a caffeine fiend but P is so he advised me that they do great stuff with coffee, they certainly have some cool ways to brew.  My mother fell in love with their mint lemonade when she visited. My dad loves the pearl barley salad and I am obsessed with their beetroot quinoa salad.  Believe me I am no health nut but this stuff is so good!


The staff are absolutely lovely and the view from the terrace is lovely.  The restaurant is really chic and edgy and the tables are a decent size so you can spread all your brunch yumminess out.  We have yet to try the cakes but they look sublime…I will have to do some recon for you!  Well that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

The only flaw I would say is their take out service.  Don’t get me wrong the food travels well and they give you a REALLY big portion; you can share a slab of quiche and a salad with a man who LOVES food quite comfortably.  My one question is ‘how long can it take to package a quiche and salad?’.  I am really not exaggerating when I say that I read two chapters of my book while waiting for it…

Luckily for Leopold’s their food is worth the wait and I will go back regardless of the wait times and I really do recommend it for brunch.  The ‘living wall’ is really very beautiful and worth seeing.

As for why it’s called Leopold’s of London when there is not one in London…well that’s a mystery I have yet to solve!


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