Wow what a wonderful visit!

My beairportst friend T came to visit me in my new homeland for Easter weekend.  She booked the ticket on New Years Day so I have been excited about this visit for a VERY long time!  I really couldn’t believe the day had come that we were actually driving to the airport to collect her! I was jumping about with excitement, P said I was making a show of myself…but then he knew he was about to be third wheel to me and my best buddy! All this happy dancing was in spite of T and I joking about how nonchalant we were about her visit!!  We had to wait AGES for passport control to finally let her through, clearly they were as pleased to see her as I was and wanted to maximise their time with her!  Finally we were reunited and headed back to the flat so mademoiselle could freshen up before brunch!

cakeNaturally we headed to Leopold’s, luckily she enjoyed it as much as I do and we were able to get a nice table outside overlooking the sea while eating lovely healthy salads. Then we ruined that health kick by eating HUGE cakes that were utterly delicious!

As requested I had booked mani/pedis at Mehr Mah for us both, and so off we trotted for some pampering time.  I also got my eyebrows done which I deem more a form of torture rather than pampering but they look great now.  The lady did a wonderful job and now I know where to go for emergency eyebrow maintenance!  There seems to be nothing that Mehr Mah can’t do well.

We then progressed upstairs for hair and make up and P said we both looked
lovely!  T spoiled me and curled my hair which was lovely of her.  Soon we were proseccowhisked to Bussola to join a large bunch of friends for dinner.  I love Bussola and nearly everyone invited hadn’t been before so it was a nice new experience for everyone!  They do amazing pizzas (with pork, which in Dubai is a plus!) and they have a great view of the Atlantis.  Plus the service was amazing! We got stuck in to some yummy pizzas and a lot of Prosecco and T got to meet all our friends.  We had a good time before moving on to Barasti.  It’s an outdoor beach bar where you can dance on the sand.  It was a lot of fun though the music wasn’t really my taste!  Then we headed across Dubai to Cirque le Soir which was mental but a lot of fun! T couldn’t believe all the shows going on, there were dancing midgets dressed as mermaids and a trapeze dancer and a guy drumming while people poured Dom Perignon on to the drum! All in all a visual feast!

The next morning we felt a tad fragile so had a lazy breakfast of croissants at home before heading down to the beach after watching a few episodes of TOWIE.  Honestly I don’t think I had the brain power for more than that…The weather was gorgeous and T and I went for a long walk up and down the beach as I pointed out sights and we put the world to rights! We decided to head for home, via Menchies for frozen yoghurt of course!!  T was impressed by all the flavours, and I was impressed that both she and T went for a healthy option…I went all out on a chocolate binge!  Well I am Belgian after all!

souk madinat

Once we had scrapped our ice cream tubs dry we headed home to get ready for dinner with a school friend who also happened to be visiting.  B, T and I have known each for a life time and have always stayed in touch so it was great to have a reunion in the sandpit!  We met at Souk Madinat as B had a craving for Noodle House.  Having lived here before she knows her way around really well.  We found that there was a wait for a table (they don’t take reservations) so we headed to an outdoor bar for a pre dinner drink and gossip!  We had a lot of fun enjoying the lovely weather, then we headed for supper and shared some yummy appetisers before T and I had soup and B had some rice thing.  The whole evening was a delight, we ended up heading home at close to midnight, and it was meant to be just a quick bite to eat!  You can’t beat old friends really.

nutellaSunday poor old P had to work but I luckily had the day off and so T and I headed to beach for breakfast to prepare ourselves for our day at the Dubai Mall!  We went to Eggspectation which was delicious, I had lobster eggs benny and T had a very health conscious toast and veggie thing which did look delicious!  We each indulged ourselves and had a Nutella hot chocolate which was AMAZING and I intend to surprise P with one soon! If you want to make one (and you really should!!) here is a recipe, Martha Stewart never fails!

Once we were fully nourished we headed in a taxi to Dubai Mall, T couldn’t get over Dubai taxihow cheap taxis are here so we made the most of them!  We had so much fun at the mall, we checked out the indoor fountains, the ice rink and the aquarium.  Then we went and bought out the whole of Candylicious for ourselves and for P.  Once we had all the sugar we felt we needed we marched off to Madeleine’s for a drink overlooking the Burj Khalifa and Souk al Bahar.  Then B came to meet us as she had vital Dubai mall shopping to do too!  We all chilled out and enjoyed the sunshine, for me not such a novelty but for my lovely Brits they wanted to soak up as much as possible before heading back to Blighty! We all had a lovely time before B had to head off to see her Dad.

T and I then went off to  Abdel Wahab for dinner and to see the fountains!  Now T and I have many many things in common, but the one thing we both adore and have yet to find anyone else to indulge in with is Raw meat.  We are two girls who never turn down steak tartare and who like our steak blue!  Most people think we are gross and P actively judges me for my need for raw meat,  T has decided against a second date with guys because they had their steak well done, it’s a difference she can’t over look!  Imagine our delight to discover that Abdel Wahab serve raw meat in a variety of forms!!!  We decided on meat with wheat and it was delicious, the wheat adds a unique texture and we both devoured it.  T enjoyed the fountains, and agreed that you could never get bored of them!

tatlerWe then returned home so that T could reluctantly pack.  She and I then settled down to watch Posh People, a documentary about Tatler magazine which was hilarious!  Seriously if you want a good laugh at British old school establishment I recommend it.  I am saving the final episode for T’s return to Dubai!

The trip was a great success and I was very sad to say goodbye to her!  HOWEVER in great news, she fell in love with Dubai and has confirmed that she will definitely move!!  This was a research trip to see if she would like it as much as I do and luckily she does! It will be wonderful to have her here, please keep your fingers crossed that she moves VERY soon!!

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