Where is season 4?????

This weekend we finished House of Cards…it was devastating.  P refused to accept that it was over because it’s really our favourite show.  The worst news was discovering that the next season doesn’t come out till 2016.  Clearly whoever is in charge has a cruel streak!

house of cards

This is one show that just doesn’t disappoint either P or I !  The acting is superb, both Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have become their characters and you can never guess what is going to happen next.  Also I have serious wardrobe lust for all of Clare’s clothes, the woman has serious powerful woman style!

clare underwood

The plot is incredible, constantly full of twists and turns.  Each character surprises constantly and it’s now become almost a game to guess who will do what next.  I get seriously happy if I get it right and now it’s become a sign of which of us is more perceptive.  Usually me…!  Or at least that’s what I think, P may disagree!

I seriously recommend it to everyone, even though at times it can be a bit near the knuckle it’s well worth watching.
kerryNow that it’s finished we both feel a bit bereft and watching the Will Smith film ‘Focus’ last night did nothing to help.  While it’s quite funny, it’s not really very clever and often totally ridiculous.  It certainly didn’t fill the void that House of Cards has left.  Thankfully for me I am really into Scandal, which is also an epic show.  Kerry Washington is a sublime actress and a wonderful person.  Her speech for GLAAD when she accepted the Vanguard Award is really inspiring.  I highly recommend watching it.  I really feel that all humans deserve the same rights and it’s great to see a celebrity using their platform to promote that idea in such an impressive way.


Well a girl can hope!

It may be time to let Game of Thrones into our lives…it’s not something that really appeals to us, but desperate times call for desperate measures!


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