Awesome Asos!

I was pretty much addicted to ASOS in London, I had ASOS premier so I could get my deliveries the next day.  It was the IDEAL site if I needed an outfit in a rush and didn’t want to brave the shops.  This was especially useful as I worked in Knightsbridge and my budget didn’t quite stretch to spontaneous trips to Harrods or Sloane Street…!

asosOn moving to Dubai I did wonder how I would cope without access to immediate emergency fashion.  However as luck would have it, they deliver here for free and it only takes 10-14 days to get to the sandbox.  Now it can’t be relied on for emergencies any more…but it does make life easier.  Shopping in Dubai is great, we have the world’s biggest mall after all.  However there are downsides to that, sometimes I don’t want to literally walk three miles to get a t-shirt!  Also there are times where I know I need something specific and I can’t face trying to find it in every store in the Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates.


This is totally me on a treadmill…but I am DETERMINED to change this!

Anyway today I got my latest delivery, I have yet to open it as I need to carry it all home and it’s easier in the packaging! I am however very excited to rip into it and see whether what I chose fits and looks as good as I hope. Also I finally managed to find sports bras that have a proper fastening at the back, rather than the ones I have to drag over my head.  Frankly after braving the gym I would prefer not to have to do battle with a piece of lycra.  Now I just need to purchase decent shorts, it’s getting way too hot to work out in full length trousers…35 degrees today!!  Plus there are some casual beach dresses which I really need, it is getting frankly ridiculous that I go to the beach every weekend and yet only own three pairs of shorts and a few t-shirts.  I want to look stylish at the beach like all the other girls, and now maybe it can happen!!  Fingers crossed please…!

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