50 things that make me happy!

happyInspired by After the Rain and Scars, Tears and Training bras I decided to do my own list of Fifty things that make me happy.

1)  Seeing P, after being in a long distance relationship for a long time it still feels special to see him regularly.

2) My family, especially adorable pictures of videos of the new generation, my cousins have the cutest kids!

3) Skype, for allowing me to chat with my parents about the mundane and important things in life.

4) Receiving post! Nothing makes me happier than a letter coming through!

5) Giving gifts – the whole process, finding the perfect thing, wrapping it and seeing the person open it!

6) Walking on the beach – still not getting old.

7) Catching up with friends.

8) The thought of my best friend moving out here!! YAY!!

9) Lunch with my colleagues, I feel so blessed to work with people I actively enjoy spending time with.

10) My job in general!

11) Commuting on the shuttle bus, I have made some great friends and in a new place you can’t put a price on that!

12) Having friends round, even if it’s just for a take out and trashy TV.  Makes me feel like Dubai is home now!

13) Making new friends.

14) Blogging.

15) NLP sessions – seriously rewarding.

16) Reading a good book.

17) Completing a task efficiently.

18) Making someone happy.

19) Good food – having struggled with not wanting to eat I still get pleasure from the act of eating and not feeling guilty.

20) Glass of ice cold water – there is something to be said for feeling refreshed in a hot country!

21) Writing letters – which I should do more often!

22) Organising a fun event for friends that they all enjoy.

23) Doing something cultural – it’s not easy in Dubai which makes it all the more special.

24) Making something laugh.

25) Watching something funny.

26) Pretty much every clip on Ellen Degeneres – especially the moving ones where she changes someone’s life!

27) Seeing/hearing about someone achieving the impossible.

28) My cat Tuxedo, my mother sends me videos of him that are hilarious! He’s quietly planning a world take over which is upsetting his nap schedule…!

29) Things that make me thing of my grandmother, she passed away and I still miss her but thinking of her does make me happy in a bittersweet way.

30) A really good documentary, nothing better than feeling I’ve learned something.

31) Interesting debates about Feminism.

32) Date night, especially spontaneous ones!

33) Flowers, especially the bunch that got sent to my colleagues to thank them for being wonderful to me. I really realised how lucky I am to have someone who cares that much for me he felt compelled to thank others for doing the same!

34) Not getting lost in Dubai, one day I will really know my way around.

35) Sharing my Sephora discount with friends!

36) Achieving a task faster than anticipated.

37) Reading new blogs by my favourite writers and discovering new favourites.

38) Doing something good for my health.

39) Trying something outside my comfort zone, I am trying to do this more and more but it can be a struggle at times.

40) Surprising people, thanks to the online companies that have helped deliver notes and gifts to lovely friends and family!

41) Hearing my mother sounding happy and settled in her new home city.

42) Hearing that my dad did yet another impressive thing at work – he’s smashing it at the moment and I am so proud.

43) Having a step-dad who is just my dad to me, he’s wonderful and I am so lucky my mother found him, now the family feels complete!

44) Knitting – I started doing this when I was 5 and though I take the odd hiatus I always come back to it when I want to feel productive and happy.

45) The flat being tidy – though I hate the process of tidying!

46) A good nights sleep/nap – I am always happier if I have decent sleep.

47) National Day in Dubai – a great day where I felt proud to live in my new city and we got a day off work!

48) Anniversaries/Special occasions  I love to celebrate and make a fuss of such things!

49) Really good fruit – really quite hard to find in Dubai!

50) Sausage sandwiches on weekends with P – decadent bliss!

Having done this it’s funny the things that sprung to mind! I hope that some of you do this too, it’s oddly cathartic and fun!  It’s put me in a great mood for the Paule Ka event I am attending tonight!

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