Terrific Tuxedo

As Tuxedo made the list of things that make me happy I was asked by one of my favourite bloggers, Scars, Tears and Training bras to share some piccies of his highness! He isn’t the world’s greatest poser, he tends to wander off right as you take a picture, I imagine it’s because he has far more important things to do…Oddly he is great on video but my mother does a ridiculous voice and I suspect she wouldn’t be too pleased if that got made public! Here are the few decent pictures I have before Tuxedo remembered he is a very busy feline and has no time for such nonsense.

Tuxxy was originally my grandmother’s cat and after she passed away my parents and I inherited him.  It was decided that my mother would be the best person to look after him as she doesn’t work so can stay at home and keep him company.  He got used to having my grandmother on hand to worship him at all times, now my mother has to keep up with his needs.  I feel quite sorry for him, my grandmother spoiled him rotten and my mother runs a much tighter ship.  He used to be allowed to sit in the sitting room and watch TV while he ate…those days are long gone!  Still he is ruling the roost to a certain degree in Berlin and apparently he enjoys watching the garden if not actually going into it…

He really has the loveliest nature and everyone falls in love with him, even people who don’t usually like cats.  I am already looking forward to next Christmas, I am hoping I can persuade him to let me near the tree…


Tuxedo guarding our Christmas presents…admittedly from me!  I have a tendency to shake all the gifts addressed to me!  So legendary am I for this that it seems my mother took some time to train Tuxedo to keep me away from them…and to think I thought he was on my team!


This is the picture I have of Tuxedo on my fridge, look how handsome he is!  He got his name because he always looks ready to attend a black tie event!


Tuxedo worships the sun, he follows it around the house!  I think he would love Dubai!!


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