I love a bit of Nostalgia

I really want this mug!!  Also I made a similar cushion for a friend and now I am so tempted to make myself one...maybe one day!Last night P was running important errands at the Mall, I later found out he has bought all the bits and bobs required to create a tea station for his colleagues in his office so they no longer have to walk ages to make a beverage.  As he works with a pack of Brits he has clearly seen an easy way to win them over rapidly!  I am sure he is going to be worshipped today!

I really want this mug!! Also I made a similar cushion for a friend and now I am so tempted to make myself one…maybe one day!

Anyway while he was out practicing the theories of ‘How to win friends and Influence people’ I was at home firing up ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’!  I first watched this film years ago in Ohio with a very good friend when I was over visiting friends who live there.  We headed over to an old school cinema with leather seats and cheap popcorn and were gripped from the moment the film started.  It really is a lovely and moving story about friendship, girls coming of age and tragedy.  This is not a light fluffy film about girly chat, they get in to some really heavy stuff from the start of the film!  Now I freely admit I am a big cry baby in films (I am still trying to recover from the shame of War Horse where I cried so much my friend told me I needed to ‘compose’ myself before she would leave the cinema with me!) but even I don’t usually start blubbing within five minutes! This film gets me right by the jugular and doesn’t let go.


The film is about four friends who have known each other since birth separate for the summer, one is off to Greece to spend time with her grandparents and learn about her culture, another is off to a football camp, the third is off to spend time with her dad following her parents divorce and of course poor Tibby is left behind to work in Wallman’s supermarket.  Before they leave they go to a vintage store where they find a pair of jeans which fits them all (which considering they are all different sizes is quite miraculous!) and they decide it’s a sign.  They plan to share the trousers (pants, because it’s an American film) between them and to post them back with a story of what happened while they were wearing them.  It’s a great way to stay in touch, but in the end the pants take on a sort of power that gives the girls strength to do things they wouldn’t usually have the courage to do .  This leads to great moments throughout the film that make you want the absolute best for the characters!  It’s really so moving and I highly recommend watching it if you want something that is uplifting and that shows how great friends can get you through even the worst of times.

I decided to re-watch it yesterday because I heard that the third in the series is being made and I wanted to re-watch so I am ready for the next installment.  Now I just need another quiet night where I can get engrossed in the second movie, I can’t remember it nearly as well as the first one…I am not sure if it’s as emotional, but if it is I better get more kleenex!

godmothersIf you haven’t seen the films or read the books (which are also lovely from what I remember of reading them in my teens) then I definitely urge you to do so!  There is a lot to be said for a book tackling hard subjects well and leaving the reader feeling hopeful at the end.  To be honest even though I have probably out grown the series I may re-read the books just for nostalgia’s sake.

Also I recently learned that all four actresses have stayed friends and the other three are godmother’s to Blake Lively’s new daughter, which makes for an even happier ending!


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