Viva la Vida loca!


The cover should have maybe tipped us off….

After a terrifying Thursday night watching ‘The Canal’ – I can’t even review this film because a) I didn’t watch the end, b) the bits I did watch I had my eyes closed for and c) I didn’t honestly understand it all! Suffice to say that if you ever get asked to watch ‘The Canal’ politely decline…!  Anyway having survived that horror show (literally!) I was very excited for a quiet day before a fabulous evening out.

sunshineThe next morning P and I went to the pool for a few hours and enjoyed the sunshine, the weather is still lovely to sit outside and we need to make the most of it before it becomes unbearable to even breathe outside much less sit!  We swam in the pool and competed as to who can do the best handstands (me…of course) and who can swim for the longest while holding their breath (him…it’s unbelievable, he may have gills!!) Once the sun went in we headed home to get ready for our glamorous night out!


These aren’t ‘the’ glasses but I REALLY want them…one day!

At 7.45 and all glammed up we met with our friend M, who is hilarious and bluntly honest and just a huge amount of fun!  We met by the pool bar (3 in 1) at Vida which is really lovely and tranquil.  We had yummy cocktails, even though the names are beyond naff ‘Burning Desires’ and ‘Lavender dreams’ which had NO lavender in that we could see for example, they are delicious and HUGE.  The martini glasses are massive, the stems look like bamboo they are so thick.  They also had delicious nuts which we devoured because we were so hungry. We had a reservation at 9pm which in  hindsight was an error…fortunately we braved it out by ordering a second cocktail!

La Serre is so chic and elegant, I was la serredesperate to go ever since my boss told me it was his new favourite place.  I have yet to go wrong when taking his recommendations, he loves to eat, knows about good wine and knows how to enjoy himself.  As a result wherever we go that he suggests has good food, a great wine list and a fantastic ambiance.  La Serre did not fail on any front.  It’s not cheap but it’s worth it, I have already decided it’s my new ‘event’ place.

M and I ended up having matching menus, Steak Tartare with truffle shavings followed by Lobster linguine.  P had a beef carpaccio and artichoke salad followed by beef ragout and pasta.  These dishes were superficially simple but they had a great amount of depth and sophistication.  The steak tartare had a perfect texture and the egg yolk was beautifully presented in it’s shell, the sauce for the lobster linguine was delicious, light yet flavoursome and really brought out the taste of the lobster.  P said his was delicious but didn’t share…meanie!  He ordered a chocolate mousse with malt flavoured ice cream,  which he had to accept was coming with three spoons…It was delicious, like a mousse fondant hybrid.

I couldn’t recommend La Serre more, it’s a great experience with fantastic food and excellent service!

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