Wow a nomination!! So exciting!!

WOWYesterday I was at home feeling a bit run down, the downside to Dubai is that I seem to fall foul of dehydration which is grim!  Anyway I was greatly cheered up to receive a nomination for ‘The creative Blogger award’ by Elizabeth Gracie.  She has an absolutely lovely and joyful blog that I urge you all to check out!

Here are the rules that go with the nomination:

1) Thank and leave a link to the blog that nominated you

2) Share 5 facts about yourself

3) Nominate 10 blogs and link them in your post

4) Notify all nominees through their social media/blog

5) Pass the rules along

So first off, THANK YOU Elizabeth Gracie, you’re too sweet to have thought of me!

Now for the facts:

1) I went to boarding school even though I knew nothing about the country and everyone’s favourite game was ‘shocking the townie’…it’s still legendary that I once mistook a cow for a horse!!

2) I love to knit, but I only ever make square or rectangular things because the one time I made a jumper for myself it didn’t fit…!

3) I am a hoarder and the worst part of moving to Dubai was deciding what to take and what to leave behind.  There are actually boxes of stuff that my parents are very kindly looking after for me, including pretty much every card I have EVER received. (I am also really sentimental!)

4) I can’t drive…but I am determined now to get my licence so I can zip up and down Sheikh Zayed road, even though Dubai drivers are terrifying!!

5) My whole family are multilingual but I am not, this is a great shame and no one knows why I never managed to pick up the languages.  The worst part is that my cousins STILL take pleasure in speaking French or Flemish and throwing my name in to make me think they are talking about me!

Now for the nominations:

After the Rain – a new discovery, I am enjoying following Tara on her journey with C25 and motherhood and every picture of Freya makes me smile.  Plus she has inspired one of my favourite posts!

Scars, tears and training bras – brilliantly written, witty and endearing! I can’t wait to read each new post!

NHYM – this has given me an insight into motherhood in London and also reminds me of the good and bad side things of London.

The General Aesthetic – this is by a friend of mine, she just started and it’s gorgeous already!

Thomas’ Travels – written by a PCV it’s a fascinating insight into a new culture.  Please participate in the postcard project!!

Newly Wed not Dead – each post is well crafted and fun with a unique take on things.  Plus I have got some great TV show advice!

My year without retail therapy – incredibly this girl isn’t shopping for a whole year, it’s an impressive display of self control and I am most impressed!!

Dubai’s desperate Housewife – my first blog I read about Dubai which gave me a great insight into my new home.

Moving in with a boy – a real insight into what being a young teacher is like, the good the bad and the ugly!  She’s very honest but also optimistic about it all.

Miss Bassmaster – she’s now left Dubai but we both arrived at around the same time and it was really interesting to read her take on it!  I am looking forward to seeing how she gets on back in the USA.

Good luck to all my nominees and thank you again Elizabeth Gracie!!


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