omnia gourmetA few weeks ago Bond (new nickname I am trying for P!) went on a corporate day out to celebrate the team hitting their targets!  Well deserved after many late nights at the office and working weekends!  On said day out they went to a restaurant called Omnia and Bond LOVED it. He said that he wanted to take me because it’s a very relaxing and peaceful place over looking the water.

I am so glad that he followed through and took me because it truly is lovely.  We sat outside for a mocktail first and enjoyed the view and the sunshine and then moved inside to eat as it was getting a bit too hot.  The restaurant is really laid back but very nicely done.  It has a really sophisticated beach style whilst not making you feel you have to dress up etc.

The menu is very diverse, I had lobster mac and cheese and Bond had chicken kofta with onion rings. This I think proves you can have pretty much whatever you want at Omnia!  The mocktails were also delicious.


Yummy mac and cheese!

We had a few teething troubles, the got Bond’s order wrong and there was a delay fixing it.  However they gave us the onion rings for free and a lovely slice of cheesecake on the house and were very apologetic.  It seems there were no troubles last time so this was just an unfortunate one off.  It hasn’t put us off going back and I only mentioned it because I thought they handled the situation so well.  In any case the food was yummy once it did come!

If you fancy a relaxed breakfast/lunch I definitely recommend it.  I imagine it would also be romantic at night overlooking the water…I will have to check and report back.

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