YAY post…and other things!

NoteletYesterday I received a letter from my best friend, it made my day!  She is planning to move to Dubai and had written to thank us for entertaining her during her visit.  Really it was a total pleasure and I am beyond excited to have her out here. Bond (new nickname for P I am trying out, he looks slight Daniel Craigish…) is a tad less thrilled about becoming the thirdwheel!  However he does freely admit that he knows I will be even happier with her out here and that makes him happy.  He is a lovely person really…especially as we make jokes at his expense rather a lot!  Anyway it was fun to get post, especially post full of good news – she has applied for several jobs and things look promising for her move.  Fingers crossed!

Getting post wrapped up a really lovely weekend.  On Thursday we just had a nice evening relaxing and catching up about our week.  We watched a movie that was so forgettable I have in actual fact completely forgotten what it was!!  On Friday we went to Omnia for brunch, which was lovely and earned itself a separate blog post.  Then we explored City Walk, this is a new outdoor shopping district in Dubai.  There has been a move to more pedestrianised areas and outdoor activities.  This mall has lovely restaurants and few quirky shops that I really enjoyed.  I even bought a skirt from a new brand ‘JNBY’ from Japan that I hadn’t preveiously heard of.  After Bond had endured all the shops (there is very little for guys unfortunately) we headed to Dubai Mall, for shoes for said Bond to wear to work as his current ones are falling apart.

First off we hit ‘Level Shoes’ which is a gorgeous shoe department store that has a great range of brands and prices.  Sadly for Bond he failed in his mission as he turned out to have rather expensive taste and couldn’t really justify spending mad money on work shoes.  Evidently he has an eye for the bespoke pairs…Fortunately he found two perfect pairs for a decent price at Topman..  They are very smart and will hopefully be comfortable for him!  Being a runner his feet are pretty knocked about to be honest so comfort needs to be a priority.

After shoes had been purchased we went to H and M for running shorts for me, I loathe the really tight ones or the short ones so had struck out at the big brands.  However H and M sorted me out and for a fraction of the price so I am a very happy bunny!  We then had a quick bite at Markette (a cute market style cafe) where we sat next to some Emirati’s who were obviously having a great time, they were laughing so much it was infectious and Bond and I had a great time just enjoying the atmosphere they were creating.  Having been fed and watered we decided it was time to begin the long trek to the car park…Dubai Mall is HUGE and has a car park to match, it’s imperative that you make a note of where your car is else you may never see it again!!

Having succesfully found the car (thankfully as it’s hired so we would have been in quite a lot of trouble)! we headed off. The evening was spent watching a new show called ‘Ordinary Lies’ by the BBC which we are really enjoying.  Though I am very intrigued by how they will pull all the stories together, at the moment there are a lot of loose ends…Once it is finished I will be able to write a proper review.

Saturday was a skype and pool day, I had a lovely catch up with my parents and planned when I might return to Berlin to visit them. Fingers crossed soon as I am missing them rather a lot!  The sun was shining so we enjoyed a couple of hours by the pool, though I don’t think I have tanned at all…my sun seems very determined to remain pale, hopefully it’s interesting but I am not convinced!

It seemed like the weekend had flown by when I was getting ready to retun to work yesterday…still hopefully the week will fly by!

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