Gorgeous Godiva

A really good friend of mine out here is an Egyptian who grew up in Yorkshire, she’s great fun and able to order in Arabic and then tell a sarcastic joke only a Brit would get. It’s been great to meet her as we share a similar sense of humour and now my evening commute has been greatly enhanced as we basically laugh our whole way home on the metro!

Yesterday we agreed to do something after work and I spent all day looking forward to it, especially when she mentioned she had a plan that I would love!  Imagine my joy when she marched me to the Godiva cafe…it’s literally my heaven.  I am a Belgian chocolate loving fiend and I have walked past and wanted to go so many times but it’s always been the wrong time. I was totally thrilled to have the opportunity to go!

In we walked and S said that the best thing to eat was the ice cream and boy was she right!  I had the mixed white and dark chocolate swirled together in a cup.  I am too messy for a cone to be honest and was wearing white which just seemed like asking for trouble!  This has to be the BEST ice-cream I have EVER eaten..seriously it was so delicious that I ate it too quickly to even take pictures…

If you can find a Godiva cafe near you I urge you to go and treat yourselves, it’s well worth every last calorie!  I am headed there for the praline croissant some time soon…


The middle one is what I had…but I may have to go back to try the others!

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