Lovely Loca

locaBefore I tell you about Loca, here’s a disclaimer – I don’t really know much about Mexican food!  I just know that I tend to enjoy a burrito and that I can definitely tell good guacamole from bad.  I may not be the best person to judge a Mexican restaurant, however I was with seven other people and some of them claimed to be quite the connoisseurs.

burritoIn any case from total beginner to expert we all enjoyed our meals!  The expert ordered us some lovely quesadillas to start and a delicious taco wrapped in cheese with a shrimp on top. They were delicious, I love shrimp and cheese so that was a winner for me.  For my main I had a lamb stuffed burrito with a tomato and cheese sauce.  Now I will admit it was a tad spicy (but I am a wuss with spicy food!!) however I still really enjoyed every bite, it was delicious and the lamb was so tender it melted in my mouth. Bond had a beef burrito which he allowed me to taste and it was also lovely and not as spicy as mine.  Now I know what to order next time!


The highlight though is that they make guacamole fresh at the table – they will make it as mild or as hot as you want and it’s such fun to watch the process.  The lady made it look so simple to peel an avocado in one move that now I want to give it a try!

vodkaThey also made me vodka based margaritas as I can’t stand tequila but love frozen drinks.  I was very impressed that they offered an alternative and that it was delicious, it tasted of fresh raspberries!  The guys loved the very large beer menu and the twins were very happy that they were brought fresh squeezed lime to add to their gin and tonics.

Between the food and drink it is safe to say that we were a very happy bunch!

The atmosphere is great fun and the restaurant is very cool and modern in decor.  I would highly recommend a night out here but probably with a group. It’s not really the place for a romantic dinner as it’s very loud!  It has a great party atmosphere though and I am already wondering if my birthday wouldn’t be a good occasion to go back!

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